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Not All Agents Are Created Equal

At The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, we train elite real estate agents how to become experts in the high-end market so they can steer clients away from pitfalls, and develop the right network and experience to meet and exceed expectations. 

Developing a relationship with a successful luxury real estate agent with a deep understanding of your home market and markets where you may be considering additional investments is the first step to a great experience. 

We've outlined exactly what you should look for in a luxury real estate agent so that your relationship will result in a profitable real estate experience for every property you may decide to add to your portfolio. 

#1 - Do They Have The Right Data?

At The Institute, we provide relevant data points, such as sales-price to listing-price ratio, days on the market, and more for top markets in the United States and Canada. It’s the first step to a deep understanding of the high-end market. We provide this data to your agent, along with information that is exclusively available for The Institute's members.

An agent who is experienced in high-end real estate will be a true asset to their clients and only introduces them to properties that are truly spectacular and in line with tastes and expectations, which is why finding the right agent is the first step you need to take.


#2 - Do They Have Proven Experience?

You're successful, and your real estate agent needs to be successful as well. They should make buying or selling real estate as effortless, discrete and non-invasive as possible. A successful agent will also be able to perform better during negotiations and close the right deal for you, regardless of the price point. 

Agents who specialize in working with successful clients like you have large networks of other luxury-focused agents and affluent clientele. If you are buying, this means that you can expect access to exquisite properties, possibly before they are available to others.  If you are selling, your agent will be able to move you through the selling process faster, more discretely, and more profitable for you.

#3 - Are They Designated?

A good agent doesn’t just open the right doors, they also know which doors to open. With so many agents out there, how can you be confident that you’ve selected an expert in working with successful people like you?

This is why you need to look for an agent who holds a designation. Designations in the luxury market, such as the Certified Luxury Home Marketing SpecialistTM (CLHMS) Designation, require that agents complete specialized training, as well as demonstrate a high-level of performance in their market that has been verified by an independent third party.

Real Estate Is Not Just A Transaction, It's A Relationship

One of your most valuable business relationships will be your partnership with the right real estate agent.

The right agent will open the doors to pristine properties to add to your portfolio of real estate and connect you with an important network in your chosen area. Your real estate experiences can be enjoyable and effortless when you choose someone who understands your values and lifestyle.